“I’ve been sleeping with your brother” – Wife shocks husband with bitter truth

A housewife with the name, Mrs. Nana Seluba, left her husband shocked after she revealed to him that his younger brother, Abdulahi Alika, had satisfied her sexually when he traveled and as such, she did not miss him.

According to a report by P.M.EXPRESS, her husband got his brother arrested for conduct likely to cause breach of public peace. The incident happened at Kilometre 5 Igando/ Ikotun Road in Ikotun area of Lagos where Nana lives with her husband.

It was gathered that Nana’s husband got married to her in their home state in northern part of Nigeria and brought her to Lagos.

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However, the husband left her and traveled back to their village whereas his younger brother, Abdulahi, who also resides in Lagos, took up the obligation to satisfy her sexual needs until her husband returned.


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