20-Year-Old Model Gang-Raped At A Celebrity Nightclub By Men Who Filmed It On Their Mobile Phones

A viral video of a 20-year-old model being assaulted in the club was circulated on social media before it was removed by Facebook.

The model was reportedly drugged and sexually assaulted in a popular celebrity nightclub and the men filmed the attack, after which they gang-raped her.

The incident allegedly began on Friday night at Faces nightclub in Essex which is frequented by footballers, TOWIE star, and Love Island stars.

After the assault in the club, the woman was allegedly then taken to a hotel and gang-raped by five men.

One video seen by The Sun, shows a man performing a sex act on the barely conscious woman as she sat on a sofa in the club. Men can be heard cheering as one put a camera phone up her dress. Other people, including a woman, can also be seen filming the attack.

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The sexual assault was reported by third parties because the model cannot remember what happened to her, it was reported.

Some witnesses said they thought the woman had consented.

One told The Sun:

It’s absolutely disgusting that this kind of thing can happen.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said:

Police are investigating a third party allegation of sexual assault after a 20-year-old female is alleged to have been sexually assaulted at a nightclub in Gants Hill in the early hours of Friday, 30 November.

Police received a further third party allegation of sexual assault after the same female was alleged to have been sexually assaulted again at a hotel in east London on the same morning. There have been no arrests.

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