Governor Ambode Is Only Left With His Wife

Brother, what is happening in Lagos APC ne? Ambode is getting 5 votes out of over 13, 000 o in this primaries!

My friend, Ambode is gone. Better start practicing this Sanwo-Olu name! But they said Ambode is the best Governor since 2015, why did they want him out now suddenly?

As if you are a learner, it is all politics. Tinubu said he is doing well as a governor, only that he is not a party man.

Imagine! The poor man didn’t see that coming. He didn’t have anyone in the party?

Yes, you know Jagaban strikes last! No one gave Ambo the warning signs, he was enjoying his office. They said some cabals are against Tinubu in his cabinet. You know Tinubu is warming up as Baba prepares for second and last half of the game. He can’t lose Lagos.

That is serious fa!

Wallai! His deputy has left him too, the woman is now with Tinubu people. Ambode is only left with his wife. He can’t win even in that Epe.

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Kai!! Why didn’t he defect toh? He can move to PDP, SDP, or ADC now.

It won’t take 12 hours to serve him an impeachment notice from the house if he’s left the APC. 36 out of 40 Assembly members are on Tinubu’s side. That Speaker is an Asiwaju boy o! And you think he can win an election on other platforms? Who will work for him this time?

Isn’t all about money!

But I heard the ward Councilors are with Ambode, isn’t it so?

Which ward men when 57 LGA and LCDA Chairs are backing Sonwo-Olu! Almost all the APC structures is 100% with the new man.

Wai, look, what is really his offence Muhammadu?

Well, they said he neglected party men and politicians, and hes developed some unusual ego

Didn’t they accuse many people of that? Why didn’t the party deny them tickets? My Governor is fighting civil servants, elites, Emirs, everybody, but yet he is still standing! Even that former APC Chairman Oyegun complained about that. They said Buhari only meets with his CPC guys when he wakes up in the morning. And they still went to give him his ticket despite not giving enough appointments. Is it not the same Ambode that appointed Sanwo-Olu in his Gov’t?

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But that is Baba now, now he even use to travel with Tinubu and Akande. Didn’t you hear him telling Asiwaju he prefers to see him closer to him now and again, Tinubu said Ambo is deviating, he is not following the master-plan!

Okay, Muhammadu tell me, which APC plan is Buhari following? Didn’t he abandon all the manifestos and went on with his kwarafshin! He said everyone should go to farm!

This is all politics, as you have said. You know Tinubu had similar issue with Fashola. Just that Tunde is a SAN and very intelligent.

Yes, i know about the cold war going on with even most West leaders. Look they said Ambode was even working against Asiwaju in Osun, you know Aregbesola is now handing over to Tinubu’s cousin again there? Tinubu picked Rauf too in 2010 and he is still one of his main boys today.

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Really!? But didn’t the same Tinubu boys worked against the APC and Akeredolu in Ondo recently? They supported Olusola Oke’s party pa! I’m just surprised Ambode didn’t see all this coming.

May be he wanted Abuja to help, like what just happened to Senator Shehu Sani in Kaduna. But even Buhari couldn’t stop Tinubu. They keep saying Ambo is against Asiwaju and you know this is almost 2023, Tinubu is laying everything ready in the APC, he can’t lose the West, didn’t you see what happened in Osun ne?

That Osun, I believe courts will nullify some parts of the election.

Be good!!

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