“B!tches with moustache have good p**sy” – Cardi B says as she reveals she has a moustache (video)

Rapper and Mother of one, Cardi B has revealed that she has a thick moustache and as she gets older they get thicker.

She went on to say that she’s not exactly bothered by the hair because having a moustache as a woman means you have “good vagina (pu**y)”

She said :

You know, as I get older and I wax more, I notice that my moustache is getting thicker.

But it’s cool though because bitches with moustaches got good p***y.

Watch the video below ;


Cardi recently shared her experience with child-birth, revealing that it was harder than she ever imagined.

The Bodak Yellow singer added that nobody told her they were gonna stitch her Vagina.. (Read more here ICYMI)

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