Timaya reveals the only person he can call a ‘Legend’ in the Nigerian music industry

Timaya reveals the only person he can call a ‘Legend’ in the Nigerian music industry

The ‘Bam Bam’ singer frowned at the situation where artistes start referring to themselves as legends after making music for 10 years.

Timaya made the comment during a radio interview with SoundCity FM.

He said:

“In this part of the world, many artistes when they get to 10 years, they start shouting ‘I’m a legend’, ‘legendary’.

“To me, in this industry, the only person that can call himself a legend is 2face. The others shouldn’t. Even if people call me a legend, I don’t like to be seen like that.”

The dancehall star maintained that he is still the king of commercial music, saying, “the crown never leaves. I am Timaya anytime any day, 13 years is not three years.

“People don’t understand that making a hit song doesn’t mean you are a star. Stars always shine, some people can make a hit song and you will never hear of them again. There’s no year I’ve never dropped a hit song.

“I don’t want to be number one. I just want to be a musician. A lot of people have come and gone but I’m still here.”

Timaya also gave his take on the issue of marriage, saying he is not predisposed to an elaborate ceremony.

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He said: “I don’t really go for weddings like that. I like the private marriage.

“If I want to get married, I will not do a big gathering. One thing is to get married, the other thing is to stay married. Staying married is the hardest part.

“Do you know what it means for two people with different upbringings to come and start staying together? That’s not a joke.”

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