Nigerian Lady Shares Her Terrible Experience With A Friend Who Is Into Runs

A Nigerian Lady has taken to her Twitter page to narrate what she went through as a result of being in the right place at the wrong time.

The Lady was on a mission to collect her pay from a client but dramatically saw herself in the police station hours later.

She wrote ;

So I went to collect my pay for a job I did & decided to see a friend I’ve been posting. Got there & we were deep in gist together with her other friends when someone starts banging on her gate. I’m eating & the next thing I hear is “pack all of them. Awon olosho”😨😨

I pick up my phone to call my mum when 2 officers enter & one of them tells me to drop my phone or he’ll end me. At this moment I’m shouting “oga I’m just a visitor sir”. Man tells me “you go visit cell. Oya march out”. I start laughing. It’s what I do when I’m trying not to cry

Got outside & saw 2 more officers & all I’m hearing is ashewo oshi. Awon ole. They seize my phone & bag. At this rate the laugh couldn’t hold back my tears. I know better than to argue with police officers. So I’m asking my friend what’s happening. Girl is acting lost

We get to the station & I’m still crying. I hear someone saying you dey cry like innocent pikin but una dey fuck like dog for money. I look at my friend & her friends but they have this straight face like ‘nothing dey happen’. I know I’m sleeping in cell tonight.

Some man walks in & gives my friend this very bad look then goes into the DPO’s office. An officer goes thru my bag & says “see this one share of the loot. Ole oshi”. My hard earned money. Begged my friend to tell them I’m innocent. All I’m hearing is chill

They drag us into the DPO’s office. I found out my friend & her friends hooked up with this man, did their business and stole from him. Close to $5k. Don’t know how they did it. I just begged my friend to tell them I’m not part of them. She tried to but officer no gree

He said if I’m not part of them, why money dey my bag. Started insinuating I’m the one who stores their loot. Some officers can be daft sha. Anyways the victim asks if I can prove the money is mine. I tell him yes. I call my client. Put it on speaker.

He tells them the exact amount he gave me and what I did for him. Exactly as I told them. He was invited to come bail me. They took me out. Checked my bag, bastards have removed 7k from my money. I don’t mind. I just want to go home.

The client arrives. Drops his details. I drop mine. On the way out I told him they took out of my money. He turned back and demanded for the money to be refunded or there would be trouble. While waiting outside, one of the officers brings my 7k. I was too tired to be grateful

On the way out mans is asking me why I have friends like these. I didn’t even know what to say. I just smiled and told him it’s a long story. I cleaned my mascara stained eyes and head home. Gisted my mum & sis & it’s been laugh all thru. No sorry. Nothing. Just laugh

I just want to soak myself in a bathtub full of chocolate while eating ice cream. I’m tired

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