Between Alibaba and a Nigerian mother whose daughter he blocked on IG for sharing vulgar posts on her timeline

'SARS can find anybody they want but can't find those carrying out wanton killings, or its not their job?' - Alibaba reacts to Plateau attack

Posting this screenshot on his Timeline, Alibaba wrote:

”I got a call this evening from someone who says her daughter is my huge fan & she met her in a bad mood. I was truly concerned until I heard that she was feeling very bad because she tried to send me a picture of hers in a purple dress. And she just then realised that I blocked her. Mscheeeeeeew! “Ali,” the mother is now trying to teach me about tolerance and understanding, “If we do that to everyone how will we train them? Whatever she did can not be worth blocking her. She is just 22. And has always loved your performances. She saw wedding party 1, about 8 times. And was even upset that they didn’t let you shine in part 2. That’s not who you just decide to block.”

I must have said like 6 Hmmmms and 4 Eyaaas while she spoke. She continued, “So my dear, even if she was wrong, you are the older person. Correct her. She is my daughter and we are friends. I told her I will talk to you. One thing you must know is that this generation is dealing with different issues from our time. (She said many things after that, that i can not remember. Don’t know if it was that I can’t remember or didn’t care). Then I caught this one. “My brother you are a star. Celebrities are the new role model our kids look up to. You have more influences in their lives, that schools and parents can’t muster. (The Mama go school. Good school for that matter). “So, Ali, are you still there? Hello! Hellooo?” I’m here madam. “Oh I thought you hung up.” Noooo. “Ok, I will give her the phone so you can cheer her up and tell her you will post her purple picture. She bought it just so she can have you post it. Adunni! Daniel!!! (Can’t remember the name of who she called) get Adunni for me!. Hold on ooo” This network providers won’t kill me. The line just cut like that. I could see the mothers call, but it was not ringing out. Must be the network.

Nonsense!!! Your daughter is posting all shades of vulgarity, and I am suppose to appease her? Did you as her mother see her page? One of the things that made me block her, she posted a video of herself & her friends flashing pubic hair. They took turns to dare one other. And as it came on my feeds, I block am. So I suppose just tolerate am… wehdonma”

Between Alibaba and a Nigerian mother whose daughter he blocked on IG for sharing vulgar posts on her timeline

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