Woman lends money to the man she is in love with, he marries her friend instead

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The expertise and disputes settlement department in Dubai affiliated to the court of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai heard a case of a woman, who had lent Dh5 million to her colleague she was in love with.
Woman lends money to the man she is in love with, he marries her friend instead
According to Emarat Al Youm Newspaper, the man, instead went ahead and married her friend instead.
Hashim Salem Al Qiwani, Director General of Expertise and Disputes Settlement Department (pictured)  said that after reviewing the case and the documents that prove the woman had lent him the money, the department asked the man to pay back Dh4.5 million.
The amount of money the woman couldn’t prove was lent to him was not considered in the payback.
The woman working at a Dubai-based multinational company and had lent the money to her colleague over a period exceeding over two years. When the department questioned her, she explained that she loved him and didn’t mind giving him the money.
When she returned to the UAE after a short leave, she received an invitation to his wedding with another woman working in the same company.
Al Qiwani said that such thing shocked her, and made her ask for her money back.
The department ordered the man to pay Dh4.5 million to the woman.
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