Ten Security Tips Everyone Should Know

CURIOUSITY KILLS THE CAT! Well that used to be the case when ignorance was the common practise. Now, it is important you know how to defend yourself and keep safe especially when you are living in today’s society that is hedged with immense crimes. Again and again, we hear cases of terrorism, kidnapping, and armed robbery, even militancy and internet fraud is everywhere in Nigeria. Victims are crying out to the security agencies to intervene. Yes, the police should intervene but you and I can also help ourselves while we wait for the police to step in. Survival is always the key, stay security conscious and alert. So here are a few tips to help secure your life and property.

  1. HAVE A GATE WITH A FENCE: this is very true and important for your security. This will prevent intruders from gaining easy access to your home. Once there is a gate besides your door, you will have a measure of confidence about your surroundings. Also, make sure your fence is solid, high enough and your gate locked at all times.
  2. OBSERVE YOUR ENVIRONMENT: most times we are careless with our environment and the people in it. We don’t keep watch and we let in anyone and everyone in without checking for signs of sincerity. Though we can’t always tell who is honest but keeping both eyes open to know what goes on is vital.
  3. HAVE A SECURITY GUARD: yeah it really works if you have security personnel in your compound or in the neighbourhood. For working mums and dads, it helps to have someone watching out when you are out and when you are too busy to observe. Even if it is a trained dog, it counts a lot than having nothing.
  4. BE CAREFUL TO GIVE LIFT AND TO ACCEPT LIFT: sometimes people say you are in danger when you give careless lift to strangers, but note you are also in danger when you accept careless lift from strangers as well. Many people have been robbed by strangers they gave lift to likewise raped and kidnapped by people they accept lift from. Be extra careful so you don’t become a prey.
  5. MIND YOUR PHONE CALLS: some of us make care free calls in public without minding who is listening. Take note that there are certain calls you should not be making in the presence of strangers especially when it has to do money. Be attentive not to invite an armed robbery to yourself.
  6. WATCH WHERE YOU GO: times and again I tell my friends, you can’t go everywhere. It is important for your safety to watch the places you go, no matter how fun and interesting. Some neighbourhood are festering with criminals and killers, so be alert even when you are travelling.
  7. KEEP TO TIME AT NIGHT: some people enjoy staying out late; it is not all bad but keep time to ensure when you are going out and coming back in. you never know who is watching you and monitoring your business.
  8. DON’T USE ATMS AT ODD TIMES: withdrawing money at night is dangerous and also in the day time, you ought to be watchful because it is not all who stand at ATMs are there to use the ATM. Be attentive before you approach an ATM, after your trasaction and when you are on your way.
  9. KEEP YOUR PHONES AND PURSES CLOSE: ladies please keep your purses very close to you and guys your wallets should also be close. Back pockets are not safe. While you are in the car, ensure your valuables are away from the window.
  1. KNOW YOUR FRIENDS: it is very important to know who you keep as friends, because most times you tell them your secrets. From your employer to your employee, at the market, church, or social gathering, watch the information you give to people you call friends.
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To sum it all up, have a security measure, no matter how small or big. It will keep you and your property safe!

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