Girl who was surprised by Drake on her birthday gets her second wish , a heart transplant and her reaction is priceless!

Another adorable video emerges from Drake's visit to the sick little girl who needs a heart transplant

The little girl who received a surprise visit from Drake on her birthday (Read here) has finally gotten the heart she desperately needs to stay alive and her reaction when she was informed of this is just priceless.

11-year-old Sofia Sanchez, a heart transplant patient, had two wishes for her birthday. One of them was to meet Drake and the other was to get a heart for her transplant. She has been on the waiting list for a while now and they just got a heart for her.

In an adorable video shared online, the good news was shared with Sofia and the look of delight on her face as she was informed will warm your heart.

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Watch the video below:

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