Secondary school publish the names of graduating students who didn’t contribute to buy parting gift, tag them debtors

A Nigerian man, Bhadmus Hakeem has raised alarm on Twitter over the disgraceful treatment meted out to students and in extension, their parents by Great Cornerstone International Science College in Ondo State.

Secondary school publish the names of graduating students who didn’t contribute to buy parting gift, tag them debtors

The school whose tuition fees per term starts at N104,000 took the liberty to publish names of graduating students, tagging them as debtors in the school’s year book because they didn’t pay the N5000 meant for parting gift. Hence, they decided to publicly shame them.

Secondary school publish the names of graduating students who didn’t contribute to buy parting gift, tag them debtors

The parting gift according to @Bhadoosky on Twitter is a 32″ inch plasma TV. He also mentioned other ways the school extorted the students.

Read his tweets below:

What would you do if you find out your child’s name was printed on his/her school’s send forth magazine as “Debtor” because he/she didn’t pay N5000 to buy the school a parting gift? A school you were paying N104,000 per term for six years? Thread

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Yesterday (20/7/2018), a school named “Great Cornerstone International Science College, Arigidi Akoko, Ondo state, decided to throw over 24 parents & their children into sorrow on a day they should be the most joyous because they didn’t pay N5000 to buy the school “32 inches TV”.

On a graduation day, the worst thing you can ever do to a parent and child is make them sad and also document their sadness forever. How do you explain unprofessionalism of this magnitude to people? What were the school management trying to achieve with this stupidity?

And as you know, fingers are not equal, a student that could pay 104,000 naira as tuition for a term is now being ridiculed in magazine that can reach the end of the planet because of 5k parting gift

Imagine putting this out for the whole world to see. Meanwhile, those that payed part of the money, there names and amount paid were equally written out. How petty can a school owned by learned people be? What history are they trying to make?

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Meanwhile, each student paid N15,000 for bespoke suits from the school. A low standard suits produced to make money off parents. Are schools suppose to melt out punishment on parents who work round the clock to pay these humongous amount of money?

And when Mr Austin Duyi (+2347066621124), the school administrator was called to ask why this was done, all he could say was that the students didnt meet up with school request, hence they printed their names out. No apologies. No remorse. No human feelings. No sense whatsoever.

At a point during the graduation, the graduating students were given bowls to go get money from the audience. How can you be so mad about making money that you turned kids to Bambiala Children and still shamed them by announcing the amounts each student got from begging?

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These Private school owners need to be called to order. Parents can’t be paying huge amount and all you will be doing is insult them with damaging actions. Government needs to start checking the excesses. Imagine a school in Ondo state, not Lagos state paying N104,000 per term. Without prejudice, some things are wrong and should never be heard. This is beyond me. Maybe I’m overreacting on behalf of the parents or the innocent children. I don’t know. I just believe this is a total nonsense. Parents & children were crying when they should be rejoicing 💔

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