Pupil in viral school fight video is not dead, she fainted, S.A authorities say (shocking video)

Pupil in viral school fight video is not dead, she fainted, S.A authorities say (shocking video)

A video recently went viral showing two girls in school uniform fighting during which one lost consciousness. It was later widely rumored online that the student died. But South African authorities have refuted this.

According to online reports, the fight took place in Khandlela High School in Esikhawini near Richards Bay, South Africa.

In the video, one of the students pushed the other to the ground then stomped on her chest multiple times, she also slapped her across the face, causing her face to hit the ground. Classmates quickly rushed the girl and pushed her away from the other student on the ground even as she struggled and tried to gain access to keep hitting the girl.

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Students soon went to help the girl on the floor and noticed she was immobile. They shook her body and lifted her head but she was out cold.

Immediately, news spread on social media that the girl died as a result of the attack. But a spokesperson for the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education has said the girl fainted and is recovering at home.

“This is not true. We can confirm that the girl fainted, and is recovering at home,” said Kwazi Mthethwa, a spokesperson for the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education.

While condemning the incident, Mthethwa said the department is looking to work with the provincial social development department which they hope to provide therapy to pupils involved in such incidents.

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Sandhir Sewmungal, bullying survivor and author, said while therapy was needed, further action needed to be taken at schools where such incidents occurred.

“It is important for children to be educated on the consequences of bullying so that bullies must know that what they do is unacceptable and is not right to hurt others. And victims must know that they are not alone and that help is available if they are being bullied. I encourage victims to speak up and get help before the situation gets out of hand,” he said.

Watch the viral video of the fight below:

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