Ex-Girlfriend of Martins Maruche, Cossy Orjiakor’s neighbor/abuser speaks out

Actress Cossy beaten up by her abusive neighbor (Photos)

The ex-Girlfriend of Martins Maruche, Cossy Orjiakor’s neighbor and abuser has spoken out as regards the reports of the now viral domestic violence issue between Cossy and the neighbour.

According to Adaora, Matins’ ex lover, he has a history of aggressiveness, nagging and incessant complaints as he is never satisfied with anything

The ex girlfriend wrote:

Lol i know the man aunty cosy. He’s building his plaza in badore. He complains that his wife has just girls. I left him some months back because of his violence! He nags too much and is always complaining. He’s a dog and he always uploads his wife on his WhatsApp. I’m in shock

Ex-Girlfriend of Martins Maruche, Cossy Orjiakor’s neighbor/abuser speaks out

Cossy Ojiakor wrote:

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Ex-Girlfriend of Martins Maruche, Cossy Orjiakor’s neighbor/abuser speaks out

My God father intervened. I was begged to tone it down in the media and also another meeting was scheduled next WK . I accepted. An hour latter while having a meeting with Ilaso Dpo. The lies kept pouring out.

@martinsmaruche1 painted me as a very loose girl that keeps men abi boyfriends he feeds ……..for that I present to you his extramarital affair that just ended months back. He lied he did not touch me that I entered his house and refused to go. So he pushed me out of his gate. But the wife truth set me free. this martin is a very lousy man that sleeps around. He have begged me severally to introduce girls to him which I declined. His story is that of a man that hunted and killed an Elephant carried it on his head then kept using leg to look for cricket.

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The wife was calm but confused but she told the truth. She didn’t want to hurt the husband neither does she want to hurt an ex friend. Well the matter will be charged to court on Monday. I will keep u all updated. So in case u are battered or a victim of domestic violence u will know what to expect from the justice system. And if we decide to settle I will keep to my words and let u all know. @adoraa45 thank you for speaking up. We need #shameless #outspoken #woman in #Nigeria to #kick #out #domestic #violence #permanentlyofficial_msgnigeriaWe must stand up against Domestic Violence

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