Berger to Ajah: False rape accusation Story

Twitter user lists 22 possible positions a man can hold in a girl's life, says 'women are very good at using people especially men'

Earlier this morning, a young man, with the Twitter handle @UcheDandyMUFC was accused of rape by one Damilola Marcus who stated that her friend @B_moree was the victim.

She had sent a message to Damilola Marcus (@OmogeDami) telling her that Uche raped her after she transported herself from Berger to Ajah to visit him.

See accusation below:

As expected, the accusation spurred an endless conversation on social media, both negative and positive.

The accused young man however got wind of the reports and released a series of chat with all conversations between himself and the supposed rape victim.

His series of tweets below:

In line with the chats, Uche got vindicated as Twitter users came after his accusers.

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Uche demanded for an apology as the chats revealed that things got sour between them after the lady felt she was being ignored when she went visiting.

Reacting to Uche’s defence, the ladies claimed that they never said they never accused him of rape.

The friend that also started the story said she actually didn’t accuse him of rape she accused him of ‘forceful coercion.’

B_moree who the chat revealed as Bimbo Cole, asserted that she didn’t want to be raped again as she had already had the bitter experience on two different occasions in her life so when he kept forcing her to do it, she agreed even though it wasn’t something she wanted.

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Unfortunately, her tweets are now protected. However, we were able to get what she said after Uche had vindicated himself with screenshots of the chat they had.

See below:

“First thing, I did not accuse Uche of rape, as you can see, I said ‘I allowed him’ I didn’t want to have sex, but I did, because I didn’t want to get raped again.”

Uche who already got vindicated as the chats showed that he was busy on his laptop after the lady went to see him in Ajah from Berger, totally ignoring her has gotten appraisals and congratulatory messages from other men who were also worried he would be wrongly robed into the scandal.

See Nigerians reaction below:

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