Apple Makes U-turn, Set To Launch Cheaper, Midrange SmartPhones.

Everyone thinks Apple makes smartphones strictly for the rich. Well, not entirely true. In 2013 Apple unveiled the iPhone 5C which was a midrange phone at the time and quite cheaper and now they’re about to go that lane again. The general notion that iPhone is for the rich alone is about to change as Apple, surprisingly is set to unveil not only one but two much cheaper smartphones and one high end phone to succeed the iPhone X.

The general notion that iPhone is for the rich alone is about to change

According to Forbes, Apple has expressed worries about the negative impact of high prices on the sales of the iPhone X after it failed to spark widely anticipated sales results despite the new design. This was because most costumers were turned off by the $1000 price tag. Apple could not meet their target of selling 80 million units. We don’t have to blame Apple for their expensive products, they use very expensive components in making their products so naturally, the prices are supposed to go high. But this time around, they’ll be making cheaper phones with cheaper components to meet the needs of their fans who don’t have $1000 to splash on an iPhone. Now everyone can get an affordable iPhone and Apple will still make their profits, win-win situation if you ask me. The phones are expected to be up to $300 cheaper than the iPhone X.

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The general notion that iPhone is for the rich alone is about to change
Two of the Smartphones are coming with OLED displays, same as the iPhone X and the other one is coming with an LCD. iPhone X Plus is said to be the biggest iPhone ever, it is coming with the latest ios 12, larger OLED screen of 6.5 inches and face ID. The iPhone SE will be the cheapest with 5.8 inch LCD display, latest version of ios 12, and face ID, while the iPhone XS will pack a 6.1 inch OLED display, an aluminum body in place of glass, and lack 3D Touch The phones are supposed to debut by September. The phones are going to cost between $700 to $900. The new price policy is a welcome development, long overdue.


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