Texas high school placed on lockdown following reports of an active shooter

A high school on Santa Fe, Texas has been placed on lockdown following reports of an active shooter.

Police in Texas are currently investigating the situation reported at Santa Fe High School. Officers responded to the school on State Highway 6 near Morning Glory Drive in Santa Fe just before 8am after getting reports of shots fired.

In an unconfirmed report, one student said a gunman shot her female classmate during an art class at around 7.45am.

Kim Sullivan, the parent of a 17-year-old senior at Santa Fe High School, says her daughter called her and said there was a shooting at school. Her daughter said they were told to run, so they ran to the Shell gas station across the street from the school. Sullivan says there are a lot of kids and confused parents trying to find their kids.

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Santa Fe Independent School District posted on its website that the high school, which has more than 1,400 students, has been placed on lockdown.

It is unknown at this time if anyone has been wounded.

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