Another 8 year old girl raped and brutally murdered in India

A second eight-year-old girl has been found raped and brutally murdered in India after she was kidnapped from a wedding by an 18 year old boy in Etah.

This latest incident happened in India‘s Uttar Pradesh state.

The child had been attending the festivities with her parents, when 18-year-old Sonu Jatav lured her away to a nearby building, where he sexually abused her and strangled her, police said.

The horrific crime has further shaken India, which is still reeling from the shocking gang-rape and murder of another eight-year-old who was kidnapped and brutalised in a Hindu temple.

Sonu Jatav had been hired to help out at the wedding and is thought to have been familiar to the girl as they were from the same village.
He allegedly lured her away from the party at around 1.30am, and took her to an under-construction building nearby.

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Her parents and others in the wedding party started looking for the girl shortly after and soon found Jatav, drunk and asleep, next to the child’s body, NDTV reports.

Superintendent of Police Akhilesh Chaurasia told FreePress Journal:

‘The body of the girl was found in an under-construction house in the vicinity of the marriage venue.

‘A rope was found tied around the neck of the girl.’

Local television channels showed the girl’s relatives crying as her dead body was carried from the scene, covered in a white sheet.

Another 8 year old girl raped and brutally murdered in India

The incident took place just days after the mutilated body of rape victim Asifa Bano was found in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir state.

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Another 8 year old girl raped and brutally murdered in India

Asifa Bano

Little Asifa was kidnapped by a Hindu gang trying to drive the Muslim nomadic herders – to which she belonged – away from Jammu and Kashmir.

Police say the gang took her to a Hindu temple, where they kept her for three days, subjecting her to repeated sexual abuse, before killing her.

One of the men involved ordered another attacker to delay her murder so he could rape her one last time, police say.

Eight men, including four police officers and a Hindu temple custodian, appeared in court yesterday, pleading not guilty to rape and murder.

8 year old girl Asifa Bano raped and brutally murdered in India

8 year old girl Asifa Bano raped and brutally murdered in India

The temple custodian, retired public servant Sanji Ram, is accused of conspiring with four police officers, a friend, his son and a juvenile nephew to kill the girl and destroy crucial evidence.

Disgust over the horrific crime led to protests in cities across India over the past few days, with anger fuelled by support for the accused initially shown by ministers from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party.

More rallies demanding action against rapists and violence against women were expected on Monday in the capital and Ahmedabad, the state capital of Modi’s home state of Gujarat.

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