Ibrahimovic’s salary at LA Galaxy revealed

Ibrahimovic’s salary at LA Galaxy revealed

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has taken a “95 per cent pay cut” to join LA Galaxy from Manchester United.

The veteran Swedish striker was earning a huge £19million-a-year at Old Trafford but has signed up to play Major League Soccer on a pay packet of just £850,000-per-annum.

Ibrahimovic’s salary at LA Galaxy revealed

According to Marca, Ibrahimovic is not going to be one of the American club’s designated players, which restricts them to a wage limit of just $3.8m (£2.8m).

That means he is only taking home £16,000-a-week, a huge drop from his giant £350,000-a-week wage packet at United.

Last week, after the deal was made official, Ibrahimovic explained why he went to America to finish his career.

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“After being in Europe, winning 33 trophies, playing in the best teams in the world, playing with the best players in the world, I wanted to come to the US and play my game there.

“I wanted people to enjoy my game there and to win, and I chose the Galaxy to do that,” he said.

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