Human Bones Found Under Concrete in The Backyard of a Florida Man, 3 Years After He Vanished

Human Bones Found Under Concrete in The Backyard of a Florida Man, 3 Years After He Vanished

Human remains have been uncovered under concrete in the Florida backyard of a man who hasn’t been seen since 2015 but was only recently reported missing, PEOPLE confirms.

Human Bones Found Under Concrete in The Backyard of a Florida Man, 3 Years After He Vanished

Michael ShaverLake County Sheriff’s Office

The unidentified remains were found behind the home 36-year-old Michael Shaver, who was reported missing in February, according to a Lake County Sheriff’s Office news release obtained by PEOPLE.

According to multiple reports including CBS, Shaver was an employee of Disney.

Lake County authorities were contacted by a friend of Shaver’s who asked officials to conduct a well-being check on him. The friend told police that neither he nor Shaver’s family had heard from him since 2015.

Upon arrival at Shaver’s Clermont home, authorities were greeted by Shaver’s wife, Laurie, who also told officials she hadn’t seen her husband in three years.

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“It’s a completely bizarre, completely abnormal [case],” Lt. John Herrell of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office tells PEOPLE. “It’s just really strange that no one reported him missing until now.”

Initially, Laurie Shaver gave deputies permission to search her home, but she later stopped cooperating and requested a lawyer, says Herrell.

A fire pit in the backyard of Shaver’s home caught the attention of deputies when they noticed the concrete located around the fire pit appeared new, says Herrell.

“It was just a shoddy concrete job, poured around this fire pit, so we began focusing our efforts there, and I can tell you we found what appears to be a bone that is consistent with that of a human upper arm bone,” Herrell told WKMG-TV.

The first bone was discovered Friday evening, Herrell says.

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On Saturday morning, additional human remains and articles of clothing were discovered,  Herrell says. The remains have been sent to the medical examiner’s officer for identification.

Why Wasn’t He Reported Missing Earlier?

It’s unclear how Shaver disappeared for so long before being reported missing.

“It doesn’t sound like [the Shavers] were sociable people,” Herrell tells PEOPLE. “They lived in a very rural part of the county, on maybe like a five-acre ranch-style home, with big open pastures.”

Lake County deputies were familiar with the Shavers from previous domestic disturbances, according to Herrell.

Laurie Shaver’s attorney Jeffrey Wiggs tells PEOPLE the couple were estranged at the time of Shaver’s disappearance.

“There were problems in the past that existed between the two of them,” Wiggs says. “So there was no motive for her to call his parents when he wasn’t there. She was [actually] really relieved when he wasn’t.”

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According to incident reports obtained by PEOPLE, Shaver was arrested in 2014 on simple assault-battery and aggravated assault with a gun charges after an argument allegedly turned violent one afternoon.

“Ms. Shaver stated that during the argument, it became physical when Mr. Shaver grabbed her by the arms and pushed her into the wall,” the incident report states.

When Shaver allegedly struck his wife with his gun, Laurie Shaver fled the home with their two young children, according to the incident report.

The charges were dropped after Shaver completed pretrial intervention program, a Lake County Clerk of Court official tells PEOPLE.

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