How To Earn A Living Online As A Student

How to earn money online as a student

I know my fellow students would agree with me that the monthly allowances we get from our parents are not always enough to cater for all our needs. As a guy, you definitely want to hang-out with your friends and might even need to impress ‘that girl’ J, while as a girl, you want to look all classy and up to date in your fashion.

Searching for a job using the traditional way (The newspaper, posters, networking) can be a challenging one especially as a student because you will need a Curriculum Vitae or even experience to get one, but today, students can easily find variety of jobs on the internet and take them in their spare time just to make little but extra cash. Unlike the physical jobs where they have to take time out of school schedules, online jobs make you work at your spare and convenience time.

How to earn money online as a student

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You can use your existing skills to find jobs online, or develop new needed skills. Unlike the physical jobs where they have to take time out of school schedules, online jobs make you work at your spare time.

As a student, you can get involved in legal online jobs and make extra-legal cash. As a first year student, I felt my monthly allowances from my parents won’t be enough for me to keep up so I decided to indulge in some online jobs.

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Below are some five (5) legal ways of making money online as a student without been harassed by the SARS.

  • Freelance Writing:

Unknown to most students, Freelance Job is an easy and well paid online job for any student especially those who are good in writing and who also possess a good grammar and research skills. This job is the easiest and fastest online job for students. Just visit and own accounts on any freelance sites and you are good to go. It will be great to know that typically, writing jobs pay per word, article, and hourly or even project basis.

  • Translation Jobs:

If you are bilingual or you are studying and you are fluent in a second language, you can use your language skill to make extra cash for yourself. We have lots of companies and individuals who need help with translating various documents and audio files. This people most often wants to cut down cost, so they prefer to seek help online instead of employing. If you are in this category, you can check into sites like ‘WordExpress, 1-800-Translate, Appen Butler Hill, SDL, WordLingo, Translators town etc to start your online job.

  • Online Tutor:
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You can take up tutoring job to tutor subject(s) you are particularly knowledgeable. As a student, there are many reputable tutoring agencies online you can join to find clients that needs tutoring in some specific subjects. For this kind of job, you’ll need a Skype account and a high speed internet connection to offer this service. Visit,, to get started.

  • Sell Online:

As a student, you can only sell your old stuff and unwanted things on marketplaces online. As a student, you can also buy from suppliers in bulk and put up for sales. We have various online market place like ebay, amazon, even Facebook Yard sale.

It will be important to clearly know that as simple as it is to have these online jobs, you still need to be well positioned to get them.

Here are the five (5) best ways to use the internet to find jobs.

  • Start an Online Job Search:

As a student, visit and own an account on freelance site(s) as. These sites are not only for writing. You get every job related to any field. Most common freelance sites among others includes,,, fivver, freelancer and lots more

  • Post your resume online so recruiters (Present and potential) can see you.
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As a student, you might not be seeking for a job, but even if you are not actively seeking for a job, don’t hesitate to post your resume. A perfect platform for is Linkedin.

  • Just don’t have that Facebook account for posting pictures.

Join online networking community on every major social media platform and connect with recruiters, fellow colleagues and even your school’s alumni. This community will help you link up directly with well meaning people and you’ll even get first hand information on job openings.

  • Just don’t waste your megabyte on Instagram and snapchat.

Visit Company’s website for job postings and to even learn about their norms as this would help you determine if you are a good fit for any opportunity.

  • Research major potential employers.

Don’t stress yourself on how o go about this. You can just use the popular Monster Company Profiles, jobstars or even LinkedIn to narrow your search to specific companies.

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