#BBNaija 2018 – Day 61: The Massage Strategy

#BBNaija: Fans react as Lolu continues to beg Anto but she is not interested

As a secret tactic, Lolu has used massages on his Housemates for different purposes.

When he entered the House, Lolu did not immediately garnered as much attention as the other alpha males. His super smarts equally scared and soothed Housemates, who found it hard to relate to his eloquence, which made him stand apart from his peers.From the very early days, Lolu came across as someone for whom massages were a love language: he gave them freely as a way to express his presence and friendship.

The Soothing Hands

As if to make up for speaking big English words, Lolu adopted the massage strategy as a silent way to build alliances, like he did with Ahneeka or Ifu who even confessed her weakness to Lolu’s hands. After a reshuffling of pairs, Lolu ended up with Bambam whom he set to closely study. Both grew to know each other better, and he freely gave her a massage to seal their newly-formed alliance. Yet when it dawned on him that Bambam had reluctantly agreed to return the favour, he silently took note and Alex came to his rescue. Massages have also helped Lolu soothe Miracle’s leg aches during a team Challenge and bond with Khloe.

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The Rewarding Hands

Yet Lolu has against all odds stayed on the lookout for massages from Anto.It is from Biggie’s early pairing that he had found in Anto a match and confidante whom has grown very fond of. With Anto, massages have primarily served to advance Lolu’s own emotional agenda. He never shied away from rubbing her back, legs and throwing compliments in hopes to win her affection. His patience has paid off, as for the first time in ten weeks, and after clearing the air, Anto volunteered to give him a head massage.

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