#BBNaija 2018 – Day 61: The BamTeddy Chronicles

Teddy A and Bambam seem to have merged their Games and had them centered around each other.

We might be wrong but thanks to Biggie’s initial pairing dynamics, Bambam and Teddy A, former constituents of Bamteddy, or maybe not so former because what sparked from the strategic pairing seems to be of going concern and it looks like this entity isn’t about to make losses anytime soon; romance sparked between the two and even when the pairs were dissolved, their ‘relationship’ remained intact.

All Baed Up

If we were Tasked with pointing out exactly what helped the love birds dodge the Eviction bullet so many times, we’d fail miserably because they are just that good at merging and hiding their guns, that’s if they have any. In fact, besides not so forthcoming behaviour from the other Housemates that could easily be deemed as strategies and not necessarily flaws in their characters, Bambam and Teddy A have managed to keep their hands out of the mud and maintained their innocence during the countless court worthy cases that took place in the House since inception.

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On his personal capacity, Teddy A’s metro-man aura and almost too laid back demeanour had the Housemates thinking he knew much more than he was letting out. Despite his inability to bag a single individual win, he’s been able to remain behind the veil and as such, the Housemates don’t have much to say about him. This could be a good thing as he still manages to keep himself out of unnecessary quarrels but it could also work against him as distrust has proven to be man’s greatest inspiration to spite and as such, his unpredictability may have been may have prompted the other Housemates to shove him towards the door. Better the devil you know they say.

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Falling Hard

If we were given a thousand pages to describe Bambam’s character, we’d either run out of pages to write on or things to say about her. Like Teddy A, she’s managed to keep it on the down low; speaking only when spoken to and hardly ever reacting; not even mediating in conflicts involving people she seems close to. Being reserved has seen her fight a host of unnecessary battles, thanks to being perceived as fake by none either than Tobi. Though Tobi seems to be the only Housemates willing to voice out his opinion about Bambam’s ‘faketitude’, Nina expressed this in her diary session; mentioning just how Bambam looked at the camera 90 percent of the time while interacting with the other Housemates. On one of their dice games, she expressed her anger and told Tobi to back off and let her be, fake or not. Her recent confession about how she’d fallen “Stupidy” for Teddy A kind of explains why she’s almost always glued to Teddy A. I be love!

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Fate seems to have knitted their in-House destinies together as out of all the envelope they could have picked during the HoH race, they landed with ‘HoH Clown’ cards. What are the chances? Let’s see what happens with their union as the game progresses.

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