#BBNaija 2018 – Day 61: A Blooming Friendship

Cee-C and Bambam seem to quietly have grown much closer of late.

It took a very long time for Bambam and Cee-C to warm up to each other as they have started hanging around each other much more recently.

Cold Beginnings

When the two entered the House, they didn’t have any particular affinities with each other. Not to say they disliked each other, it’s rather that with the looming Evictions, new pairing and blossoming romances, they were both so intensely focused on securing their stay that there was very little attention paid to those they hadn’t gelled with from the get go.

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Warmed-up Tempers

However ever since during her Head of House tenure Bambam consoled a crying Cee-C, the flow between them seem to have run faster and stronger. Against all odds, even Alex unknowingly participated to bringing the two ladies closer over a truth or dare game during which Cee-C bluntly asked Bambam if she ever was jealous of her relationship with Teddy A – a no brainer for Bambam who calmly responded that she never was. Perhaps relieved from having to deal with an imaginary competitor, Cee-C started warming up to Bambam.

Friends That Cook Together

It seems as if the sun has been shining on Cee-C and Bambam’s relation as they even have taken to cooking together for the House. True, Rico the resident chef did need someone to take over from him, and it has been interesting to see how Cee-C has volunteered her cooking skills for the common good. Could it be Cee-C’s therapeutic form of stress release ever since Tobi has found in Anto a new subject of attention? Or could it be genuine affection stemming from Bambam’s remarkable acting talent?

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