#BBNaija 2018 – Day 60: Interesting Highlights

The housemates had a surprise guest yesterday on Day 60 at the BB Naija 2018 house, and they were able to win 50% of their wager.

These are interesting things that happened on day 60 at the BB Naija 2018 house.

The Cuddle That Started It All
Even before Anto was Evicted her and Tobi shared a connection, they were very good friends and had a great time together but at the time, Lolu and Anto were romantically involved. Consequently, Anto got Evicted and then reintroduced to the House with a whole new outlook on things. Needless to say, Tobi and Anto have become even closer, Tobi is not shy about flirting with Anto and last night he even slid into her bed. Today they have been chatting and chilling but nothing romantic has happened as yet. Are they just friends? Is this all part of Anto’s strategy?

Where does Lolu fit into all of this? His previous actions towards Anto had her thinking he was in love with her but upon her reintroduction to the House, she has been cold and even cried about the fact that he has led her on. It was clear that he had genuine feelings for him but she was the one going on that it was all a game and none of this was real anyway. Was Lolu’s relationship with Anto all part of an underlying strategy? Oh, how the tables have turned. Things do seem to of cooled between them now as Lolu could be seen giving Anto a back massage earlier today in the garden.

Things always get complex when there are so many people in a confined space, Tobi does not seem to care about his previous relations with Cee-C or how she would feel if he had to strike up something with Anto or any other Housemate for that matter. Anto is the same, yesterday during the first part of the World Cup Task, Tobi gave Anto a massage in front of everyone. No qualms.

How do you think Lolu and Cee-C feel about Anto and Tobi’s new strong alliance?

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Welcome Our Guest
Besides her captivating acting and outstandingly flawless depiction of the characters handed to her, not on a silver platter but as a fruit of her hard work and artistry, Adesua Etomi’s presence in the Big Brother Naija House was so captivating that the Housemates couldn’t help but be taken by her rock-solid aura. Clearly fans of her craft, they screeched and screamed, unable to contain their excitement; their afternoon had just gotten better.

Like no other, Adesua made the Housemates comfortable with her presence by letting them know that she wasn’t different from any of them, she was just given an opportunity to do what she loves and is succeeding in it. Their eventual ease was evident in how to lead by Tobi, they showed her around their home and made her feel like one of them. After the tour and when the Housemates had fully digested the fact that they had been graced by her presence, they all settled in the lounge and had quite a meaningful conversation.

Adesua indirectly addressed all of the issues that have brought bitterness into the House and when asked about how she handles the success and sometimes unnecessary full-blown attention, she mentioned that her age has never been a deciding factor in the trajectory of her career as she only got her big break in 2013, during her late 20s; furthermore, she neutralises hate with love and finds solace in the fact that there are more people that appreciate her craft than those that find fault in it. Basically, she feeds off the good and learns from the bad.

Another issue that she ironed out without mentioning what she’s observed thus far was the hate. After the Housemates mentioned bullying and biased behavior as some of the things they absolutely loathed, she told everyone that no one was above another and that it is okay for them to have differences however, it was better to manage their anger and curb their hunger to quarrel.
She advised them to not fear the unknown and assured them that it’s okay to create relationships, fall in love and let themselves go without forgetting who they are and where they come from. The Housemates clearly appreciated the visit and as a token of their appreciation and in true African fashion, they packed her a takeaway lunch.

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We’re pretty sure the Housemates would have loved to ask Adesua about their profiles and how they’re being perceived by the public, especially considering the fact that the advice she gave was almost completely applicable to them all; but as she’d highlighted, it’s okay to not know everything and we absolutely concur.

A Daunting Task
The Brief stated that the Housemates were to gender group themselves with Lolu representing the guys and Anto filling in for the girls. The instructions were simple, each team was to lay claim to objects or spaces in the House that were indicated as claimable. Using color-coded tags with monetary value on them, the representatives were to add value to the spaces they claimed so as to charge high prices for spaces that the opposing team would need the most. On the buzzer’s cue, the two representatives flew into the House and carelessly claimed spaces; their first attempt was so messy that Biggie threw the freeze and them and summoned the HoH to the Diary Room in order to re-brief.

The buzzer went off for the second time and the reps went on their claiming expedition. Thanks to Lolu, the guys managed to claim the most essential of spaces, the bathroom as well as the girls’ sanitary supplies, stiffening the competition. However, Anto managed to grab the kitchen, beds, and seats, increasing their possession tally and leaving the guys with very little to claim. This is certainly World War 3 worthy because there was some unfair play; the guys playing dirty and the girls seek compensation for such inconveniences. At some point, Nina tried to get her bae to consider getting her gym gear and sanitary supplies but even that didn’t work out well.

The games are definitely stiffening and seeing as there will be a lot of bargaining, tempers will certainly be raised and Biggie’s planted detonated will most probably be prematurely activated. Whether the Housemates will manage or not is written in the palms of time.

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Their Winning Streak
The House was buzzing a different tune yesterday, one that allowed all the Housemates bucket loads of fun and equal amounts of frustration thanks to the turf wars. As if it wasn’t enough that they were expected to sacrificially co-exist, the guys snatched dominance by refusing to abide by the rules and consequently intensifying the wars.

There were a lot of mixed emotions and the Housemates involuntarily went on this rollercoaster. After having hosted Adesua Etomi and being given much-needed advice, their joy was short-lived and thrown out the window thanks to having to pay for essential entities such as the bathroom and beds, courtesy to the turf wars.

Taking them further down oxymoron highway, Bambam and Miracle managed to bag 50% of their Wager by successfully completing challenges that were meant to test their physical endurance and mental capacities. Bambam was Tasked with remembering 16 words in the order that they appeared while Miracle paddled it up on the cardio bike. Though it took off a total of 4 tries to nail the correct order, Bambam finally freed Miracle from his cardio wars, therefore winning it for the House. They were rewarded with a bowl decorated with donuts and although the two representatives weren’t allowed to elaborate on what they were Tasked with, the other Housemates were sure appreciative.

The diary sessions were very dense, to say the least as the ladies were completely infuriated by the guys’ disregard for the rules governing the turf war; complaining about all that yet displaying utter gratitude for the day’s visit. This seems to have had the desired effect as most of the girls said they’ve heeded the warning hidden in Adesua’s silently solicited advice and wanted to be better at being themselves.

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