#BBNaija 2018 – Day 60: Guns At A Stick Fight

The Housemates had quite an eventful day but the Turf Wars were the highlight.

The House was buzzing a different tune today, one that allowed all the Housemates bucket loads of fun and equal amounts of frustration thanks to the turf wars. As if it wasn’t enough that they were expected to sacrificially co-exist, the guys snatched dominance by refusing to abide by the rules and consequently intensifying the wars.

There were a lot of mixed emotions today and the Housemates involuntarily went on this rollercoaster. After having hosted Adesua Etomi and being given much needed advice, their joy was short-lived and thrown out the window thanks to having to pay for essential entities such as the bathroom and beds, curtesy to the turf wars.

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Taking them further down oxymoron highway, Bambam and Miracle managed to bag 50% of their Wager by successfully completing challenges that were meant to test their physical endurance and mental capacities. Bambam was Tasked with remembering 16 words in the order that they appeared while Miracle paddled it up on the cardio bike. Though it took of a total of 4 tries to nail the correct order, Bambam finally freed Miracle from his cardio wars, therefore winning it for the House. They were rewarded with a bowl decorated with donuts and although the two representatives weren’t allowed to elaborate on what they were Tasked with, the other Housemates were sure appreciative.

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The diary sessions were very dense to say the least as the ladies were completely infuriated by the guys’ disregard for the rules governing the turf war; complaining about all that yet displaying utter gratitude for the day’s visitor. This seems to have had the desired effect as most of the girls said they’ve heeded the warning hidden in Adesua’s silently solicited advice and wanted to be better at being themselves.

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