‘If you want to create wealth, screw tithes, learn from 50cents’ – Daddy Freeze

'If you want to create wealth, screw tithes, learn from 50cents' - Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze goes hard in this piece calling out Pastors who collect tithes saying, ‘If you want to create wealth, screw tithes, learn from 50cents. Those dumb, blind, cretins many of you call pastors did not see the bitcoin boom looming, despite preaching about helping you get increase through tithing, yet ordinary ‘carnal’ rappers saw it?’

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These same doltish pastors advertised MMM, a fraudulent Ponzi scheme, RIGHT FROM THEIR SATANIC PULPITS!

Where is the spirituality in these pastors? Oh yes, in twisting the Bible to make room for defrauding their congregations through tithes!

And don’t even come here to ask “Daddy Freeze why didn’t you see it?” Did I promise you I’ll help you generate wealth?

Only a big fool will believe that paying tithe to a pastor will bring increase…. A bigger fool believes that tithe Money is used to propagate the gospel of Christ.. HOW??? When all the equipment in the church comes in from China, their holiday destination is dubai, while they go to India for medical treatment!

Foolish dingbats, do you know if your tithe Money is used to build Mosques in Dubai or Hindu and Buddhist temples in India or China?

According to a new report from TMZ, the rapper was the first artist to accept Bitcoin as payment for his album, Animal Ambition in 2014. At the time Bitcoin was reportedly valued at $662/1 bitcoin equivalent. Fans could reportedly purchase the album for a fraction of a whole Bitcoin, according to TMZ.

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Following the release of Animal Ambition, 50 reportedly raked in 700 bitcoins, which is equivalent to more than $400K, TMZ’s sources say. It seems as though 50 sat on the cryptocurrency until now, which was one smart move.

Bitcoin’s value has since fluctuated to between $10K and $12K, which means whenever 50 decides to cash those coins in, he will be walking away with anywhere between $7 to $8.5 million dollars.

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