#Fuelscarcity: Like Nigeria, Fuel Scarcity Hits Africa’s Second Largest Oil Producer Angola

Joao Lourenco.

According to online reports, Angola, Africa’s second largest oil producing country has also been hit by fuel scarcity.  The two top oil producers in Africa are both experiencing major fuel scarcity running to weeks.

Just Like in Lagos and Abuja, long queues are also seen on the streets of Angola’s capital Luanda. Angola produces 1.7 million barrels of crude oil daily after Nigeria who produces 2.2 million barrels daily.

The similarities between both countries is that, despite producing crude oil these countries don’t have refineries to refine the crude as they import refined products from abroad.

A pump attendant in the Bairro Popular district, Henriques Carvalho, stated: “We don’t have any more.

Reports reaching newsmen revealed that some Angolans are blaming the situation on the opponents of the country’s president, Joao Lourenco.

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Joao Lourenco.

“They came here to refuel; but demand has been so great that we sold our last few litres tonight. I’m waiting for the next tanker.”

A motorist, Gisela Manuela, who was seen waiting to purchase fuel stated: “I’ve been queuing for two hours.

“I’ve already tried three other petrol stations, all in vain. Hopefully it will be better here.”

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