BREXIT: UK to Change Passport Colour After Dumping the European Union

UK change passport after brexit

The home office announced on friday that the UK will stop printing passports in the current European Union standardized burgundy after Brexit.

In a statement, Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said that following the exit from the European Union, British passports would be changed back to their “original” appearance, a blue and gold design from before the UK joined the EU.

UK change passport after brexit

British passports will no longer be printed in the EU-standardized burgundy after Brexit. The blue passports will be issued from October 2019.

Lewis said he was “delighted” to announce the decision and called the move symbolic.

He said:

“Leaving the EU gives us a unique opportunity to restore our national identity and forge a new path for ourselves in the world.
They will have additional security features that include top-of-the-line anti-fraud technology,”

The new passports will be phased in slowly, with current British passport holders able to continue using their burgundy passports until they expire.

After the scheduled Brexit in March 2019, the burgundy passports will continue to be printed, but without the words “European Union.”

By October 2019, all new British passports will be printed in the blue and gold coloring, which dates back to the original UK passport design from 1921.

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