5 Ways to Surprise Your Spouse this Festive Period

ways to surprise your spouse

At some point in our relationship, we get very busy and too distracted- too much work to do, family troubles, kids to take care of, we even get too familiar with each other that we forget the old burning flames that made our relationship awesome. This isn’t a mind shattering information, rather it is just the soar truth for most relationships.

Commitments and distraction can pull you away from what is most important in your life. For me, I could tell categorically that distraction is what gradually pull away couple from each other and when not paid quick attention to, the relationship becomes soar.

If there is any huge relationship misconception in the past, it is the saying that says love can be bought- this is not totally true. Truthfully, money may certainly help in any relationship, but small surprises can make the same, if not even more. Surprises have a way of passing a message to the person you’re with that they’re worth a little bit of your time for planning to show that you care. Surprises are those unexpected or astonishing event that sweeps anyone off their feet.

I know some people especially the men hate surprise parties; but hardly have I met anyone that hates the occasional little surprise mostly during festive periods! After all, as earlier said, a surprise just means “doing something unexpected”. A surprise basically means just being romantic.

You have worked and got too busy from January to December. Your busyness engrossed you that you couldn’t even find any quality time to spend with your spouse. Probably this had caused some gap in your relationship, this is the time to bridge that gap! It’s the festive season, you need to avail yourself this seasons to catch up what you have missed.

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You know you can’t go wrong with the classic “good morning” text, but here are a few other ideas on how to surprise your spouse this festive period.

  • Surprise Dinner:

This is a fantastic idea. It can be a planned surprise romantic dinner for two in a beautiful restaurant. Such restaurants should be in a serene environment and you could have his/her favorite music play in the background. You can even employ the service of the serenaders. The surprise dinner could also be an in-house dinner for two with candle lights and a soft blues music playing.

No one would dislike this kind of surprise party. No matter how little the cash you put into it, your spouse would definitely be speechless and might probably even have tears running through their cheek.

  • Surprise Gifts:

A surprise gift could easily be the best way to surprise your spouse. It is surely the easiest.

Don’t stress yourself on how to do this without the surprise being ruined. The world has gone so digital that you can easily meet various companies that pop surprises to your loved ones on your behalf. You can decide to pop the surprise on them in their offices or even at home.

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Rekindle your love affair, throw him/her a surprise festive period gift. It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive; you could even get them their favorite dessert or favorite drink.

  • A Vacation far from home:

This is something you need to be more careful with because, there would be a lot of thinking to be done when preparing to avoid any suspicious; you don’t want your surprise ruined.

Plan this three (3) days vacation off from home. Make your plan suit his/her schedule and make every lined up event around what you and your spouse would enjoy. Spring up the surprise by telling him/her about the idea after well planned and when you are set to leave.

Don’t be scared! You don’t have to travel outside the country to get a nice place or resort for a three day weekend getaway with your loved ones. Nigeria has got beautiful and well affordable places for such purposes.

  • Steal their work load:

One way to surprise anyone is by going weird- doing things you don’t do on a normal day. Surprise your spouse by finish doing a big job for them especially when it is a task that you know would lighten their work load if finished. It is always very difficult after having a hectic day at work and only to get home to face another rounds of tedious tasks. It’s so fun to surprise your spouse when they come home expecting to spend a good chunk of the weekend cleaning the garage or doing the laundry only to find out the job is already done! This won’t cost you no money but time.

  • Surprise Party:
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Surprise party could be a good idea no matter how old you are. People sometimes have the wrong say that surprise parties are for young people, but I don’t buy it. Surprise parties are fun, and they for anybody, age regardless.

Christmas is coming along? Plan a surprise party for your spouse. Invite a couple of friends and relatives that they haven’t seen in a while to help you and make a party. Your spouse will definitely remember it for a long time as such parties linger in the mind because of the shock they must have encountered during the event.

No matter the type of surprise you choose, your spouse will be happy that you’ve made an effort to do something nice for them, believe me when I say that! Don’t just read this article, rather read to get a surprise inspiration. It is a great deal giving your spouse memorable feelings especially during festive periods.

How do you like to surprise your spouse this festive period? Do you have some ideas that you’d love to share with our readers? Don’t be shy, leave a comment down below!

Thank you for reading.

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