9 Cheap Travel Destinations You Should Visit In Nigeria 2017

Cheap Travel Destinations in Nigeria

The Tourism sector is one sector that has been neglected and under explored for a very long period of time, although this sector has a lot of potentials but the government keeps failing to put in place amenities that can drive this sector to greater heights.

Nigeria is a country rich in tourism and culture heritage, if well organized, this sector is capable of financing the Nation’s budget. One of the best secrets of Nigeria is that in its power of tourism.

In this article, I will be discussing about 9 cheap Travel destinations in Nigeria.

  • Yankari Games Reserve, Yankari, Bauchi State.

Are you thinking of a cheap travel destination in the Northern part of Nigeria? Yankari should be the very first on your table. Located in the peaceful State of Bauchi is the lovely Yankari reserve. Bauchi State has welcoming indigenes who even provide free accommodation for visitors at the reserve. It is arguably the biggest games reserves in Nigeria and has been maintained by subsequent government. Originally created by the Northern Nigeria government in 1956 and soon upgraded in 1991 to a National park by Decree 36 of the Military Government. Yankari reserves can compete with any of its counter parts around the world. It houses numerous species of animals, there is barely an Animal you won’t find there. It also houses warm and cool water springs. Yankari has its own hotels that accommodate visitors in the reserve. Depending on your budget hotel ranges from N2,500 to N23,000 per night.

Cheap Travel Destinations in Nigeria

Yankari Games Reserve & Obudu Mountain Resort aerial view.

  • Obudu Mountain Resort, Obudu, Cross River State.

Obudu Mountain resort is located in the hilly town of Obudu, in Obudu local government in Cross River state. The resort was formerly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch, it is about 50km from Calabar the State capital. The resort houses the popular cattle ranch which has once been used for international cattle racing. Aside the beautiful cattle ranch in Obudu, there are also guest chalets, fitness centres, football pitches and basketball courts. You can plan your vacation at Obudu for a few bucks. Obudu is one of the few places in Nigeria where you can find cable cars. The cost of riding the cable car is however not expensive. The most interesting part while in the cable car is scenic view experience as you will be able to view the entire circumference of the resort. It is regarded as the best achievement of former Governor Donald Duke of Cross river state. Obudu Resort is well maintained and host a number of events.

  • Olumo Rock, Abeokuta, Ogun State
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If you ever visited Abeokuta, and you didn’t have a glimpse of the 130ft tall Olumo rock, then you need to go back and complete your tour in Abeokuta. Olumo is like all other rocks but the only thing that distinct it is that, it served as hide out for Egba people, during the Egba-dahomey war in 19th century. The dahomey people are in the present day Benin Republic. From the highest peak of the rock, you can view the entire city. Entrance into Olumo tourist complex will cost N300 for kids and N700 for adults for using the stairs and will be a little higher if you plan to use the elevator. If you are a photo lover, you will be charge a token of N200 for bringing along camera into the complex. You will also be charged parking lot fee depending on the size of your car. I will advise you seek the service of tour guides in the complex, they are very good at giving an everlasting experience at Olumo rock.

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  • Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Ikogosi, Ekiti State.

The Ikogosi warm spring is located in a town called Ikogosi in Ekiti State. The peculiarity of the spring is the confluence of warm and cold spring. At the confluence, temperature of the warm spring measures at 70oC while the cold measures at 30oC. The spring is said to have some therapeutic effects but has not been medically proven. It is surrounded by beautiful and lush vegetation. Around the resort you can also find the sacred fish lake and the Arinta waterfalls. Over the years, special attention has been accorded to the resort and various seating Government do upgrade the resort which is yielding results. In 2016, it was one of the most visited resorts in Nigeria with about 50,000 visitors in a month. To have a nice time at the spring you only need few bucks above N5000 with your family. It is a great place to be. If you plan to lodge, you need to pay between N12,500 and N45,000 for their guest house.

  • Slave History Museum, Calabar, Cross River State.

This is not like every other museum, it is very different because it symbolizes and described how gory things were during the slavery years. The museum is very rich in artifacts. It is located in the Popular Marina Resort in Calabar. On entrance into the museum, the first thing on sight is a very big object modeled like a ship and you will see dummies that resemble human beings, arranged in opposite direction. This is just a prototype of how black slaves were being ferried away from the Atlantic coast during the slave trade era. Further excursion in the museum, you will find remnants and samples of chains that were used to capture slaves before selling them. If you don’t have a strong heart, you might not be able to view all other things present in the museum. It is a cheap travel destination because you don’t need to pay much to have a glimpse of what is inside. With as low as N500 you will tour the museum complex and it will leave a long time lingering experience. Hotels around the resort are little above N10,000 per night.

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  • Mambilla Plateau, Mambilla, Taraba State.
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Mambilla Plateau is also called Adamawa highland, it is located in Sardauna local Government in Taraba State, North Central Nigeria. Mambilla is a beautiful, splendid, fascinating, and mesmerizing piece sitting on 5,600ft above sea level. There is no way a picture can be able to tell the beautiful story of the Mambilla Plateau, you just have to go there for a personal experience. There are customs and Immigration check points few meters away from the mountain which can make you a little nervous. During your time at Mambilla, you will see a wide land mass of green vegetation and grazing cattle and goats. The chilling whether is also one striking thing that can make you decide to live around the plateau. Make sure you plan to spend your whole day at plateau because it becomes more adventurous as you climb.

  • Awhum Cave and Water falls, Enugu State

This is one of the few not-talked about travel destinations in Nigeria. The Awhum Cave and Water falls is located near the Awhum Monastery, in Amaugwe Village which is about 24km from Enugu. The water fall is some 30metres high. Indigenes of Awhum town believe the waterfall has supernatural healing powers. A trip to the cave starts from descending down into the primary forest that takes about 30mins or more. You have to wear comfortable shoes and make sure you don’t use deodorants, creams and other cosmetics to avoid attracting insects and bees.

Ahwun Cave and Waterfalls, Enugu

On your way to the cave, you will see a stream and as you go further the stream turns into stone and gets darker. You will see warm water coming from the sides, which mixes with the one coming from the fall. Next you see is the picture of Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus. Going further, cave becomes narrower till you get to the bottom of the cave cascade. The cave is always busy every day. Apart from Tourist, people come all over the country to pray at the bottom of the cave. The experience going to and fro from the cave is a very pleasant one.

  • Tarkwa Bay Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos State.
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Lagos is the chief travel destination in Nigeria. Aside the landmarks, it is the economic and financial hub for West Africa and sub-Sahara Africa. Like many others, Tarkwa bay is a lovely cheap travel destination you can visit.  It is located under the Iru/Vicoria Island Local Government Area in Lagos State, South West Nigeria. From the shores of the beach, you can sail to the Man-O-war College that is located in the middle of the water body, people also go swimming at the beach. The best day of the week to visit Tarkwa bay is Saturday evening, this is the time Lagosians converge to have fun at the resort. No entrance fee is required, you might need to as low as N200 or N300 for boat services if you wish to ride one. Make sure you go with friends and family to give them a wonderful retreat.

Tarkwa Bay Beach, V.I Lagos

  • Sungbo Eredo Monument in Epe, Lagos State

Sungbo’s Eredo Monument is located in the present day Epe Local Government of Lagos state and extends to Ijebu-Ode in Ijebu Ode Local government, Ogun State, both in South-west Nigeria. It is largest monument on the surface of Africa nobody talks much about it. The primary forest is about 160 Kilometers long. Sungbo’s Eredo is a preventive system of walls and wide ditches of about 6-9m deep, 160m long and 23m wide. It was dug about 2,000 years ago when there was nothing mechanical, the Benin moat is also part of it.

It has however been linked to the burial site of the Queen of Sheba, Olori Birikisu Osungbo who was buried in Oke-eri close to Ijebu Igbo in Ogun State. Many people belief the monument was built in honour of the queen and since serves as a spiritual centre for religious believers, because of the mention of Queen of Sheba in the Holy Bible and Quran. The site of the queen’s burial is also referred to Mecca of Africa.

When next you are planning to visit some beautiful travel destinations in Nigeria, make sure you include some of the above destinations.

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