5 Types of Girls and Guys You Should Not Date

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When you are out there in the world of dating, you get to meet different kinds of people. If you are the guy, you meet different shapes and sizes while if you are the girl, you also meet different types of guys. In short, people that in a normal scenario you shouldn’t have even dated.

At start, they seem pretty okay for you but as time goes on, you realize that behind those little quirks and uniqueness are some underlying clues that reveals lots more about true personality. And most times, these personalities turns out to be what could be damaging you or damaging your relationship.

The truth is that relationship is hard work, and it is not meant for lazy people. Dating is a bit hit and miss thing because you never really know what a guy is like until you get to know him deeply.

I don’t call it being picky rather, I call it being careful when anyone takes his/her time before going into a relationship. Everyone want the right spouse not someone that will take them for granted or someone that will make them unhappy.

Like I said earlier, dating is hard work and in general not the easiest task no matter how easy you try to make it seem. It needs the effort of both parties (Boy and the Girl) to make it worth the try and when it’s not happening that way, things go wrong.

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The simple truth is that most of the time when we have issues in our relationship, the signs must have been there earlier but we chose to ignore them just because most people have the belief that they can change the person over a period of time. This is wrong!

While we all will agree that nobody is perfect, there are still some few things that would adversely affect a relationship if you choose to partner with someone with some not-so-great attributes.

These article is to give you an idea of the five (5) typical type of boys/girls to avoid before it gets too late.

  • Someone with no ambition

This is the most important criteria to watch out for in a man or woman. Anyone without a well-defined goals and ambition should not even be considered as a friend talk more of a lover.

Life is full of distractions that you want somebody with fire under their ass, somebody who is working towards something exciting just to motivate you. They don’t have to be the next president or a big star or anything. They just need a passion and goals.

  • Someone you don’t find attractive
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Being attractive isn’t all about looks of your partner. Although looks play an important part, but they don’t always equal how attractive is your partner. What makes someone attractive depends on what you’re into. You might like to date guys or girls with a sultry accent, partners with amazing handwriting or even a sophisticated walking steps and body movement. It might also be a sense of their humor that really gets you going. Once you don’t find them attractive its better you don’t date them.

  • Someone that is violent

In recent time, the rate of domestic violence has increased 100%. Both men and women have lost their lives to this wicked act. It is always very dangerous to end of with violent partners. If you partner is violent and don’t exhibit traits of anger control it is better to find a better love.

Most violent relationship always have bad ends, partners hit themselves on dailies which can even lead to death. It is very advisable to stay away from violent partners.

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  • Someone that is Selfish

Someone who is selfish thinks about themselves first before anyone. They think about themselves without thinking of their partner. This kind of person should not be in your life at all as they would not bring you anything than sorrow.

  • Someone that is controlling

Most times the controlling type of person is not be the best people to date. The relationship may look all rosy at first which can make you overlook the controlling aspects. The signs that the person you are dating might be power hungry is that they always want to be the one in charge of everything and not even wanting to give you a chance to voice your own opinions, then there might be a need for you to run for him or her.

Don’t let love alone dictates for you. Take out time to consider this things in that guy or girl before jumping into a relationship with them.

Thank you for reading.

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